Club History:

In summer 2005 instructor K.R. Ali took the bold move to spread the word about the sport he loved. At The Harrogate Hydro, Starting from nothing in four months he guided 13 students to their first grading – 9th “kup” – which was a fantastic start.

Since then Harrogate TKD Club has taken part in twelve National and International TTA competitions. At the first, in March 2006, Harrogate entered five students and achieved two gold, one silver and two bronze medals; a great achievement for such a small club. However, by the next competition, the 24th British Open Championship in October 2006, Harrogate K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy’s membership had grown to the extent that twenty-one students were entered, and achieved a medal haul of four Gold, seven Silver and eight Bronze.This success meant Harrogate was 3rd TTA overall in UK and 2nd TTA in England.

At the 20th TTA British Team Championship in April 2007, eleven students won four Gold, five Silver and two Bronze.  The 25th British Individual Championships on October 28, 2007, in Glasgow, gave Harrogate its best results in any tournament so far. Out of the 19 medals secured, 15 were Gold and Silver, and the team won the trophy for ”Best Team Spirit”. Click on the link to see our club’s news live on ITV.

The 21st  TTA British Team Championship in April 2008,  eleven students won Two gold, four silver and eight bronze. The Blue Belt team also won the coveted trophy for ”Best Team Spirit”.

The 26th British Individual Championships in November 2008 for Traditional Tae Kwon Do, in Glasgow,  yielded 26 medals for the students, including nine Gold, eight Silver and nine Bronze. The club also won a trophy for “Best Team Spirit.”

2009 started where 2008 left off with Instructor Kambiz R Ali coaching the team to great success in the 22nd T.T.A Team Championship winning 6 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals, and the Green Belt Men’s team just losing out to Falkirk in the final.
The 27th British Individual Championships for Traditional Tae Kwon Do, in Glasgow,  yielded 32 medals for the students, including 11 Gold, 11 Silver and 10 Bronze. The club also won a trophy for “Best Team Spirit.”

At the 23rd T.T.A Team Championship The town’s TTA team won 21 medals, including five Gold, eleven Silver and Five bronze, in the annual competition in Glasgow. Their points tally made them the top club in England, and second in the UK behind Falkirk.  Among the star performers was Emily Dingley, who was chosen as the “best fighter” in the entire competition despite being only 15 years old. She also won two silver medals. Among the gold medal winners were Ghazal R. Ali, 9, Thomas Peakman, 9, and the Yellow Belt team ( Jack Dobson, Alistair Watson, both 16 and Kevin Crosbie, 25)  which won the top award despite only having three players instead of four. The entire team from Harrogate won a trophy for “Best Team Spirit,” awarded by the Traditional Tae Kwon Do’s Chief Instructor,  Ninth Dan Black Belt T.K. Loh.

At the 29th TTA British Individual Championships in October 2011, our team did not disappoint, earning 18 medals including five Gold, three silver and ten bronze, Founder K.R.Ali, picked up the trophy for Best Team Spirit on behalf of the team, This success meant Harrogate was 3rd TTA overall in the UK for 2011.

In Jan 2012 Master K.R.Ali is joined to British Taekwondo and at the beginning of February Students from the Harrogate Taekwondo Academy travelled to Sheffield for the BT’s National Poomsae Championship. Academy head, Master K.RAli is reported a Bethany Holley won her first national Silver medal,

In Jun 2012, Harrogate K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy joined forces with several other clubs from the UK to represent the ‘British Taekwondo Combined’ team at the 9th Dutch Masters International Championship, held in Rotterdam, (Netherlands). The team managed by Master Brian Titley won the overall team of the tournament and Master Titley accepted the trophy on behalf of the team.

The Harrogate club contributed 9 players to the team which competed in both Kyrugi (sparring) and Poomsae (pattern). The KTA club based in Harrogate achieved 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze medals in the tournament which had competitors from the majority of Europe and as far afield as Korea.

Having only just returned from 9th Dutch Masters International Championship, held in Rotterdam, (Netherlands), Harrogate K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy is already training hard for the next competition. In their sights are the 15th British International Open, held at the K2 Centre, Crawley.

On 15 July 2012, Master K.R.Ali 5th Dan black belt returned to competitive Taekwondo at the 15th British International Open held at the K2 Arena, Crawley. After having recently recovered from a second ACL replacement knee surgery, Master Ali entered into the Class A (Black Belt) category Poomsae (Pattern) competition. This was not a case of easing yourself in gently with the competition containing two of the British Champions from the last five years.  Master Ali demonstrated that serious injuries can be overcome and with a good technique was able to win a bronze medal in this very competitive event.

On 22 July 2012,  Harrogate K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy entered into the Ultimate 1v1 Fight Day and Pattern Event at Barnsley, Metrodome. This competition was an opportunity for the junior members of the club and those new to taekwondo to experience the competitive nature of the sport.

In the Kyrugi (sparring) competition Lauren Newton, Aaron Leith, Caden Hoare and Shane Ash all competed for the first time. Lauren Newton, the club’s youngest participant aged 7 showed a great spirit and enthusiasm clearly demonstrating the fun and enjoyment of the sparring competition. Caden Hoare fought particularly well and narrowly missed out on gold but showed great potential for the future. Shane Ash was another highlight of the event and won gold showing an ability to listen and put into practice the skills required in this contact sport.

The clubs other representatives all juniors were Ghazal Ramzan Ali, Benjamin Newton, Elizabeth Bird and Thomas Henley were all competitive in their bouts. Thomas Henley winning gold with 3 consecutive scoring points to the head of the opposition.