Harrogate K.R.Ali taekwondo academy founder and master holds cultural exchange meeting and welcomes Grandmaster Ikpil Kang

6th Dan Master Kambiz R Ali has met with the Mayors of Harrogate and Knaresborough and important political officials  a from Korea in Harrogate on Friday 26th of may and also K.R.Ali Taekwondo academy has held its third Ikpil Kang seminar at the Rossett sports centre. 6th Dan Master Kambiz R.Ali founder of K.R.Ali Taekwondo academy held a meeting with the mayor of Harrogate Cllr Anne Jones and Korean visitors on Friday the 26th of May to ensure their further support to the academy and the better relations between Harrogate and Korea, Master Ali has also met with the mayor of Knaresborough and is delighted to have his support as well. Master Ali has been supporting and playing a crucial role in improving relationships and cultural exchange between Harrogate and Korea, for example through Master Ali’s efforts and constant support Korea actually has a street named “Harrogate road” in respect of the relations he has built between Harrogate and Korea. Master Ali them met with Grandmaster Ikpil Kang  and the President of Taekwondo in Belgium to prepare for the events ahead. Following this K.R.Ali Taekwondo academy began its training it’s with Grandmaster Ikpil Kang on Saturday 27th of may and were also joined by other eager students from other clubs including high ranking taekwondo officials from Belgium wanting to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Grandmaster Kang who was also the first WTF World Poomsae champion. Grandmaster Kang taught a wide array of techniques over the course of Saturday and Sunday and not only taught the various different Poomsae patterns but also worked with the students to greatly improve their technique and understanding of the various movements and strikes they perform, the Hard working students were also joined by the mayor of Harrogate and the Korean guests  who were very impressed with the training and determination of the students and offered their support and congratulations to them so. overall the event was a huge success. Master Ali had this to say. I am pleased to have met with my friends from Korea and Belgium again who continue to support and that the Mayor of Harrogate and Mayor of Knaresborough also continue to support us. Through the efforts of myself and my club we have been able to bring together officials from Harrogate, Korea and Belgium and have shown that we all strongly support the activities we are holding here in Harrogate and have improved our political and cultural standing through the spirit of taekwondo which has bought us together. I am very glad to have their support and will continue to work hard to further the relationship and support we have. Also I want to thank my dear friend Grandmaster Ikpil Kang for his assistance and holding his specialist Poomsae Seminar again right here in Harrogate, he is a most valued friend and I am very pleased for him once again provided this rare opportunity for people to come to Harrogate and train with him. I am very pleased with the results of the meeting and the seminar now we are getting ready the  Mayor cup competition on Monday ,29th of may and am very eager to see the outcome of Harrogate’s first international mayor cup competition.For more information on starting the Olympic sport taekwondo Please contact master Kambiz R Ali on: mobile: 07944988806 or email: masterali@harrogatetaekwondo.co.uk

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