Harrogate K R Ali Taekwondo Academy Seminar and Grading

Grandmaster Alipour, took the long road up from London on Sunday 2nd March to be with Master Ali, to participate in a poomsae or pattern seminar and grading for the club. They were joined by Master Abdoli, who has competed for Iran in international competitions for Taekwondo and currently runs a Taekwondo club in Birmingham.

The seminar was held at the Crown Hotel who kindly sponsored the event, along with Jinnah restaurant and Mark Doherty photography.
Grandmaster Alipour took several of the students through their poomsae training looking for particular aspects which would enhance the students during their grading but also the details needed for competition. Particular attention was paid to stances between each step of the pattern, and the rhythm and tempo of each step so that the pattern flowed rather than being a connection of single steps. Emphasis was also placed on ending each hand or foot technique with enough ‘shock’ to show that the imaginary opponent would have taken sufficient force to deter their attacks.

Master Abdoli showed the remaining students who were present several training techniques using pad work to put  together combination kicks for attack, or a series of counter attacking moves designed to put off the opponents foray. Attention seemed to be centred around a retreating front leg kick incorporating a reverse hook kick with the same leg to catch the advancing opponent who is likely to have dodged the first front leg kick.

The club was joined by the Mayor of Harrogate, Councilor Newby, who along with Master Abdoli and Grandmaster Alipour judged an intra-club head to head pattern competition. The Mayor kindly presented the students with their medals from the in-house competition, and commented on how pleasing it is to see that money raised at Christmas has been spent along with a generous donation from Wates Giving Trust, via Mr Simon Quinn, which has enabled the club to buy the safety mats which the students have trained on, and are World Taekwondo Federation standard.

Master Ali summed up the event, “It has been a long 6 hours for my students. For those who have successfully passed their gradings I am proud for them. I must also thank the Mayor for his support this year and wish him well when he steps down from office.

For more information about Taekwondo in Harrogate contact Master Ali 6th Dan on 07944988806 or emailkta.harrogate@yahoo.co.uk or visit www.harrogatetaekwondo.co.uk

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