No Hydro Classes This Weekend

For attention of my students
Just a heads up that the Hydro classes will be closed on 08, 15 and 22 Apr 17
Rossett Sports Centre will be open on Sat 08 and 22 Apr 17, Hydro students could attend 12-13 session.
Rossett Sports Centre, Hydro and Meeting Club will be closed over the Easter weekend on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th & Monday 17th April 2017.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

K.R.Ali Taekwondo academy pass new sparring judges and shine at Barnsley Ultimate Taekwondo championships.

K. R Ali taekwondo academy has been very busy this weekend excelling itself in the field of taekwondo competitive sparring. First off K R Ali academy held its own official British taekwondo sparring judging course run and taught by Chris Codling the Chairman of the British taekwondo refereeing board who had travelled to Rossett high school to teach 20 eager participants the rules, regulations and general judging responsibilities and requirements.

20 members attended the course and 18 out of the 20 attendees passed the course and are now qualified to attend and participate in taekwondo competitions as class 3 judging officials. The outcome of this course will also allow students to undertake new opportunities as competitors and judges in the sport of taekwondo.

After a very successful Saturday course master Kambiz R Ali then took his team of 5 fighters to Barnsley Metrodome on the following Sunday to participate in the ultimate taekwondo championships. the team of5 fighters were successful in securing 2 bronze and 2 silver for Harrogate K R Ali taekwondo academy a fantastic result for the five fighter team. Master Ali had this to say: I am glad to say that we have had a very successful result from the referee course we held on Saturday and that we are now able to send club representatives to competitions to participate as judging officials which will provide a lot more opportunities to them as taekwondo participants and I would also like to thank Christopher Codling for his assistance to our club in qualifying our members to participate as judging officials. we have also had a very successful day at the Ultimate taekwondo championships we took 5 fighters and won 2 bronze and 2 silver which is a good result for us .we are going to be preparing ourselves for the mayor cup championships held on 29th of may which will be our first official competition held in right here Harrogate.

For more information on starting the Olympic martial art taekwondo please contact master Kambiz R Ali by Mobile:07944988806 or Email:


K R. Ali Taekwondo Academy Holds Grading and Welcomes New Black Belts

K R. Ali Taekwondo Academy has held its 1st official British taekwondo Dan Grading this Saturday hosted at the Rossett sports centre.

Students from K R. Ali taekwondo academy were also joined by students from master Atif Arshad of Momentum Taekwondo based in Scotland and Master Scott Coullie from Kangchul black belt Taekwondo Academy. K R. Ali Academy’s Grading was held and examined by 6th Dan Master Kambiz R Ali founder and master of Harrogate taekwondo and was also assisted by 4th Dan Master Atif and 6th Dan Master Scott. Students from K R. Ali taekwondo and Momentum Taekwondo were Graded under the official World taekwondo Federation guidelines and the results of the Grading were very much satisfactory.

At the end of Grading, all of Harrogate taekwondo academy’s students received a well-deserved grade promotion for their months of hard work and was also happy to present its students with their 1st Dan grades. 3 students from momentum Taekwondo also attended for the day’s event and master Ali was very delighted to provide them with their 1st Dan black belts following their performance as well.

Black belts also graded with Master Ali on the day Julie Roth who received her 2nd Dan following her performance. the Mayor councillor Nick Brown also attended and spectated the event as the eager students underwent their much-anticipated grading and at the end, the Mayor was happy to congratulate and present the students with hard earned grade promotion certificates and also awarded commendation letter to Team K R. Ali’s students who performed exceptionally at the recent competitions. The mayor of Harrogate said he very “impressed and pleased” with the Students performance especially considering how even the younger students aging only at 5 years age were so well behaved and proficient in their art “and that he was very grateful and happy to have worked the Harrogate taekwondo Academy for the 10 months he that has since he became Mayor and that he was very pleased to be working Master Kambiz R Ali, the Mayor expressed deep gratitude to Master Ali for 10 years services to Harrogate calling him “A Hero of Harrogate” for teaching Harrogate’s citizens the art of Taekwondo, bonding with the community and even representing Harrogate at competitions and away in distant places such as South Korea where Master Kambiz’s efforts led to the opening of Harrogate road in Seoul and that he deeply respects the art of taekwondo and its practitioners to conclude the day’s grading.

Master Ali had this to say: “I am very pleased to have held today’s grading and to have had Master Scott and Master Atif and students join us today. it has been a very productive day for everyone involved and I’m very happy to welcome 4 new students to the rank of black belt. Today everyone has exceptionally well but there is still much hard work and training to be done and I hope today’s results will inspire everyone to keep training and train even harder especially with the Mayor cup Championships on its way in May. I would also like to thank Masters Scott and Atif and the Mayor of Harrogate councillor Nick Brown for their assistance and presence at the grading their help has inspired and helped today for certain. I would like to thank Andy Rowson from Eagle eye photography for his help as our press officer at today’s grading and in our past events as well and finally I want to thank all Team K. R. Ali for all their hard work and continuing to train and progress in the art of taekwondo and they have all done very well and definitely deserve their new grades.”

For information about starting the Olympic sport of taekwondo please contact master Ali on Mobile:07944988806 Email: or visit website


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