Team Harrogate K.R.Ali TKD become 2016 National Taekwondo Poomsae Champion (06 Nov 2016)

Team Harrogate become British National Champions in Nottingham. (05 & 06 Nov 2016)

 Harrogate K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy is celebrating its major success at the taekwondo Poomsae nationals held in Nottingham this weekend. Master Kambiz R.Ali founder of Harrogate taekwondo acadamy, 3rd Dan black belt Ghazal R.Ali and 2nd dan black belt Martin Squires offered their years of experience and support to Harrogate’s team of 18 players as they participated in the weekend’s competition held at the wildcats arena in Nottingham.

Participating for team Harrogate was: Master Kambiz R. Ali, Ghazal R. Ali, Aaron Leith, Katherine Bennett, Miles Heslop, Tyler Heslop, Amelia Heslop, Evan Hill, Benjamin Arlet, Megan Smith, Oscar Pearson, Harry Muncaster, Jacob henderson, Satpal Hunjan, Dillon Smith, Samuel Street and Jade Holt participating in their respective individual, pair and team Categories. between them Team Harrogate were successful in securing an amazing 48 medals: 6 bronze, 12 silver and 30 Gold.

Team Harrogate was also awarded the GB Poomsae national Kup grade champions Trophy and the GB Poomsae Overall team champions Trophy, adding to an already very successful weekend.

Master Ali had this to share: "this has been a very good competition for us. We have proven ourselves as champions and I am very very proud of my team. This has been a major step for many of students and only the first for some, so we have a lot to celebrate. I am very eager for our future competitions and am confident we will be successful based on our performance this weekend.

 Also I want to give a Special thanks all the parents and family of our team who attended to give their support and to our press officer Andy Rowson of eagle eye photography who traveled all the way to Nottingham from Harrogate to capture our team’s success". For more information about starting the Olympic sport Tae Kwon Do please contact master Ali on: 07944988806 Or by or visit our website at:






KTA Monthly Fees is due now! 07 Sep 16

 Date: 07 Sep 2016


Dear Parent / Guardian,


KTA Monthly Fees

Please can you ensure your September monthly student fees have been paid by Monday 05th September. 

All late payments after this date will be charged an additional Admin fee of £10.00.

The current monthly plan is as follows: 

1- 4 hours per month – £30

2- 8 hours per month – £50

1 hour lessons (Pay as you go) – £10 per hour

All Hydro sessions to be paid on entry


• Special rates are available for Blue belts and above for those who wish to train more. Please talk to Master K. R. Ali for more details. 

• Monthly payments are based on 48 weeks per year (the club is closed for 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks over Christmas)

Payment methods:

• Cash or Cheque (Cheques made payable to KTA Harrogate) 

• Standing Order (For full bank details please email Master Ali)


Many thanks

Master K.R.Ali


Master K.R.Ali ADSc, BSc (Hons), MSc, MRSC

6th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt

Founder of Harrogate KTA

2014 & 2016 World Taekwondo Hanmadang Bronze medallist

2015 British National Bronze medallist

2015-2016 Member of Team GBR Poomsae Squad  

Phone: (44) 7944 988806




Master K.R.Ali won a Bronze medal at 2016 World Taekwondo Hanmadang Aug 2016

 With the Nations eyes on Rio for the 2016 Olympics, Master Kambiz R.Ali 6th Dan packed his bags to take the trip to Seoul in South Korea for his third consecutive year. 

Master Ali and his daughter Miss Gazell R.Ali were the only England based UK representatives at the World 2016 Hangmadang or ‘Festival of Taekwondo’ where competitors of all ages are able to show off their techniques for Pattern, or Poomsae for both traditional and custom created variations, as well as single technique and destruction or breaking techniques.
Master Ali this year entered the traditional Poomsae section and saw himself up against 28 players from 14 countries. Performing two patterns each round and the average score taken from judges who are looking for accuracy, rhythm and temp of the movements, several rounds were completed to whittle the final round down to 10 competitors. Moving on to the 2nd day and final round, Master Ali had qualified in 4thplace overall, saw the field of 10 perform 2 patterns each and judged on each pattern. Master Ali put in a strong performance to claim Bronze and retain his standing from 2014.
Master Ali also entered into the destruction category of fist breaking. Each competitor has one attempt to break as many roofing tiles as possible in a single punch. This event is down to speed and techniques as well as strength. On his first round Master Ali had slightly misjudged his stance and on the downward strike to the tiles caught near the edge and whilst breaking his tile also damaged his skin and required some stitches. Unfortunately the injury meant he could not progress further in the competition. 
Miss Ali initially entered in the technique event of high jump breaking had to withdraw due to a knee injury sustained in practice.
Master Ali was quoted saying’ Its good to be back here competing in the home of Taekwondo. I am proud of my daughter, Miss Ali who was ready to compete but unable to, and I am really pleased at gaining another medal especially when the other competitors are getting better and more are coming here to compete.’
K.R.Ali ADSc, BSc (Hons), MSc, MRSC
6th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
Founder & Instructor
K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy (K.T.A.)

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K.M.S. Club Reg No: GB000475

Kukkiwon Reg No: 05304489

Master K.R.Ali as a Mayor of Harrogate representative in South Korea

 Taekwondo Master promotes Harrogate ‘Brand’ in Korea


Master Ali 6th Dan travelled to Seoul in Korea for the third year running to compete in the wold festival of Taekwondo.

Part of this trip is acting on behalf of the Mayor’s Office to cement relationships between the two nations and promote cultural exchange and highlight the benefits of Harrogate to those in South Korea.

Meeting with the Chairman of Seogang Collegue to promote Harrogate as a potential location for language exchange students, signing a sisterhood relationship, and himself being awarded an honorary professorship.

Master Ali is looking to try and establish Harrogate as the venue for the UK’s first Taekwondo Cup. A similar event as the Hangmadang competition which celebrates competitors from all ages and belts putting their techniques to the test in poomsae, single Kick and destruction events. Pictured here with Kukkiwon President Oh Hyung– Duk, leader of the world Taekwondo governing body, Master Ali was asking for Kukkiwon support to lend their backing to the event.

Master Ali also spent time with the Director General of the World Taekwondo Federation Professor Jin Bang Yang, again looking for support for the creation of the new competition within the UK.  WTF support would also add gravitas to the event.


Donning the crest of the Mayor’s office, Master Ali met with the Mayor of Incheon City, Cho Byung-Don, and exchanged certificates of understanding between Harrogate and Incheon.


Master Ali, also represented the Mayor in meetings with Councillor Gi-Rae Kim and as part of the cultural exchange, Councillor Kim and other council members will be coming to visit Harrogate on 21st October 2016

Classes time for July & August 2016

Dear Members 
From Monday 25 July till Wednesday 10 August Master Ali will be at Seoul to compete at World Taekwondo Hanmadang. Martin and Doug will be teaching during this time,
Hydro class will be closed on Saturday 30 July and 06 August,
Friends Meeting class will be open as usual 
Only 1 hour each day.
Master Ali will be available for contact in email, text, FaceTime, Facebook if you need to contact me,
All classes will back to normal from Saturday 13 August.
Thank you for your support 
Master K.R.Ali ADSc, BSc (Hons), MSc, MRSC
6th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
International Taekwondo Instructor & Dan Examiner Class II
Founder of  Harrogate International Sports Associations (H.I.S.A)
Founder of K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy (K.T.A.)
Phone: (44) 7944 988806
Address: 12a, Queen Parade, Harrogate, HG1 2DS, Great Britain 
K.M.S. Reg No: GB000475
Kukkiwon Reg No: 05304489

GM IKPIL KANG Poomsae seminar in England, Harrogate 28-29 May 2016

We are very proud to host the 2nd International Poomsae seminar with the legendary Grandmaster Ik Pil Kang 8th Dan in Harrogate, Great Britain.
This seminar will be over 2 days on 28/29 May 2016.

For booking a place for this seminar please contact Master Ali on 07944988806 or email

We are looking forward to welcoming all poomsae players to Harrogate!

Master K.R.Ali MRSC, MSc, BSc (Hons)
6th Dan
Founder & CEO
Harrogate KTA & HISA

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