The Martial Art Degrees of Taekwondo are represented by the colors of the belt that is worn. Each Belt, therefore each degree,  has its own meaning, starting from the White which representes the starting point of the student up to the Black.

White (10th KUP)

Represents the INNOCENCE of the beginner who does not yet have any knowledge of Taekwondo.

White – Yellow (9th KUP)

Represents the student’s ingenuity towards this art.

Yellow (8th KUP)

Represents the EARTH in which the seed of Taekwondo is planted, symbolising a student’s latent abilities.

Yellow Green (7th KUP)

Intermediate grade between the Yellow belt and the Green belt, where the plant (the student) takes its roots.

Green (6th KUP) 

Represents a GROWING SHOOT, symbolising the student’s abilities as they start to develop.

Green – Blue (5th KUP)

Intermediate grade between the Green belt and the Blue belt. The student continues to develop the techniques that they have learned.

Blue (4th KUP)

Represents the HEAVENS or SKY towards which the shoot is reaching, as the student attempts to reach beyond competence to excellence.

BlueRed (3rd KUP)

Intermediate grade between the Blue belt and the Red belt.

Red (2nd KUP)

Represents DANGER, a warning to the student to exercise self-control and for opponents to beware.

Red – Black (1st KUP)

Intermediate grade between the Red and the Black belt. Generally the period in which this degree is worn is longer than the previous colored Belts. This allows the necessary mental and technical maturation to develop to be able to take the exam for passing to the Black belt.

Black (1st  DAN and subsequent DAN)

Represents MATURITY, the opposite of the innocence of the White Belt. A new physical and mental training begins for the student.  The Black colour contains all the colours of the previous belts. A new starting point. The DAN are 10, but the difficulty of obtaining a DAN increases considerably as the rank progresses . In fact, while up to the 4th DAN you can get there by passing exams, from the 5th on you can get “for merits achieved”.

POOM (1st – 2nd -3rd): It is a grade that is obtained if, despite having taken the exams to obtain the Black belt (1st – 2nd – 3rd DAN), you are not within the age limit required to wear the relevant grade. For 1st DAN you must be 15 years old, 17 years old for 2nd DAN and 19 years old for 3rd DAN. The minimum age threshold is established because in order to wear the black belt and the subsequent degrees, mental and spiritual maturity is required, as well as technical-physical. Once the necessary age is reached, the Poom automatically converts to the corresponding DAN, thus becoming a full-fledged black belt.