Open wounds at club training

If you have any cuts, grazes, or open wounds these must be treated and covered before training to stop any cross infection or you will not be allowed train.

If during training you cut yourself, you must inform the instructor or assistant present and leave the Dojang immediately for treatment.

Blood Spill Policy

Harrogate & Ripon K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy is strongly committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment. To protect all members from infectious diseases.

No member shall participate or continue in any activity do long as the player is bleeding or has blood on any part of his/her person or uniform.

All open cuts and abrasions must be reported and treated immediately.
All clothing, equipment and surfaces contaminated by blood must be treated as potentially infectious.
Equipment and surfaces must be cleaned immediately if soiling or spills occur.

When cleaning up blood spills
• Gloves should be worn;
• If the blood spill is large, confine and contain the spill (that is, try not to let it run everywhere);
• Remove the bulk of the blood with absorbent material e.g. paper towels;
• Place the paper towels in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of with normal rubbish;
• Clean the spill site with detergent solution;
• Wipe the site with disposable towels soaked in 1:10 solution of bleach;

Action to be taken by those attending a blood spill.
• Those attending to bleeding players should wear disposable gloves.
• When the skin is broken, first aid should be administered immediately.
• All contaminated clothing and equipment must be cleaned or replaced prior to the player resuming
• Where there is an additional concern of infection, medical advice should be sought.

To ensure safe procedures are followed when dealing with blood spills.

All Harrogate & Ripon K.R.Ali Taekwondo Academy members, instructors and parents.