New IPMF Self Defence Program Proposals Put to the Harrogate Mayor

Master Ali, European International Police Martial Arts Federation President, invited the CEO of IPMF, Grandmaster John Deuk Moo Hur, to Harrogate to hold an official meeting with the Harrogate Mayor, Bernard Batemen, and Mayoress Linda Batemanregarding proposals of the introduction of IPMF self defence program to North Yorkshire Police, local security forces and branches of the armed forces within North Yorkshire.

Meetings were held at the Harrogate Council on Friday 23rd of November and were also attended by IPMF Vice President Grandmaster Don Wortman, who had travelled from Los Angeles, United States to support the proposals been presented by Master Kambiz and Master Hur (who had also himself travelled to Harrogate from South Korea) in hopes expanding the IPMF Self Defence program to the UK.

The proposals presented to the Mayor regard the introduction of proficient military grade self defence to North Yorkshire police and local branches of the Ministry of Defence in order to improve the standard of personal protection skills among local law enforcement and armed forces. If successful IPMF Programs will come to such organisations and enable military and law enforcement to receive more extensive training in the crucial skills of personal protection.